DevTools for Model-Driven Apps

Its an App with a set of tools that helps developers with tests/troubleshoot model-driven apps.

Download DevTools Managed Solution

If any bug or feedback please create a new issue on DevTools issues

Action Tester

  • JSON editor.
  • Prefilled body with input parameters.
  • Action definition with inputs/output parameters details.

FetchXMl Tester

  • XML editor.
  • Record counter.
  • Response include annotations.
  • Preview records on table format.

Form Inspector

  • Event handlers details.
  • Components tree.
  • Form Libraries list.

Plugin Trace Viewer

  • Search by name.
  • Red icon for log with exception details.
  • Message block text cleaned.
  • Exception details text cleaned.
  • Correlation tab marked on red the items with exceptions.

WebApi Client

  • All available http verbs.
  • List of entities with entityset names.
  • JSON editor for request body.
  • JSON editor for request headers.
  • Headers options examples.